Monday, 8 February 2010

Colour Career Counsellor - fun link!

Just a fun link for you to play with, those who read VSD as well would have seen it,

but its a great little break from mundane work :)



Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Is Talbots the new Mama JCrew? (a design perspective)

Is Talbots the new Mama JCrew? (a design perspective)

For those who have been following this amazing turnaround for Talbots in the past two years, might have noticed some changes to the brand, for those who do not know the brand, it is a brand targeted to 50 year old women and originally began like most American brands as a catalogue brand. Recently, they have been going through some major changes with the recruitment of a brand new design team and new concepts and well I thought I would go have a look at these changes.

Interestingly enough, it appears that Talbots has adopted the hugely successful JCrew model - and very much looks like Mama JCrew - in the way they have merchandised their catalogues, to the colour pallettes used, at first glance I thought the new Talbots catalogue was JCrew, but after some closer inspection I realised they are Mama JCrew - with that term I mean, a mature version of JCrew.

Talbots has clearly positioned themselves as a fast follower and it can be observed that design wise, this is definitely the case, however, though the similarities are apparent, the way Talbots has transformed their collections and looks, still is very true to the Talbots woman. It seems even though they are following, they are maintaining their true core values and have very much their core customer in mind.

Below you will find images taken from Talbots and JCrew, their websites and catalogues, and it is quite apparent that while design direction is similar, Talbots have differentiated themselves for the mature market in a very clear and distinct way.

Hope you enjoy! Comments Welcome!

Talbots main website
Fun, regal and flirtatiously fabulous for the modern 50 year old woman.

JCrew main website
The colour pallettes are similar, but I do commend Talbots for making theirs appear more mature.

JCrew Swim
Young Silhouettes in bold colours with paisley prints.

Talbots Swim
The design concept is similar, with mature silhouettes, but still with paisley print and deeper colours.

J Crew Shoes
Cute rose details on their flip flops, for a younger casual look.

Talbots Shoes
Same concept of rose details but upgraded by using black to be made to look dressier and more serious.

All in all - it seems Talbots and their design turnaround is doing well, really appreciate that they have behaved as a fast follower however without directly imitating someone elses image - but rather yet making it their own.

I look most forward to what else Talbots comes up with in the coming months, it is definitely a most exciting corporate turnaround!!

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Monday, 25 January 2010 released Curves line today

I have always been a fan of - shopping religiously on the website, so I was quite delighted to see that they launched a curve line...

However, and I am a curvy one too - though not size 20,

I was disappointed by how unflattering the curve line is, and the model looks positively lifeless, really - it looks like maternity wear and not fashionable at all - for curvy women to look good they need tailoring and shape - not draping cloth everywhere! I question if the person who styled this even understands what its like to have curves,

Further choice of materials seem bizzarre, to hide things you dont like, blends like cotton rayon nylon tend to be a better choice, and also - this is the market that would love sweater knits the most as opposed to jersey for figure loving shapes and non frumpy looks.

You want to elongate the body - stripes across the body do nothing for a curvy woman! it only makes them look fatter - I am curious as to the research put into this.

Regardless, nice to see a brand move into the curvy market - but please for next season bring out some flattering tailoring!!!

Friday, 15 January 2010

dearfoams - Virally and Buzzedly Delightful!

So.. have you heard of dearfoams?
Well I hadn't either before, but they have been advertising everywhere, and after being bombarded with their internet ads, I decided to take a looksie!

and I was quite delighted when I reached their website, clean in look, clear in msg - they are all about slippers and obviously so! with 3 little tasks to take your fancy I played with all of them!
The first was a mini quiz to work out just which slipper are you really? and within the questions there is light humour and reinforcement of slippers - Target marketers would be proud!

Which slipper are you? quiz

Then in the second option, you can register to get into the draw for a slipper a day giveaway - what a great way to use your product in gathering email addresses for potential email marketing, and in a permission marketing form, while not a new concept, I just feel the site presents it ever so eloquently.

Register for a slipper a day giveawayBut my favourite part of the site - was this little slipper fairy! Where you can upload your friends photo or yourself, I used Sheeana's face here, kinf of in an Elf yourself form, where you can pick your wardrobe and which shoe you'd like to be delivered to your friend as a gift! It shows great initiative in linking the real world with the virtual one, and has been executed in a easy to use fun tool.

You should go and have a play with it! Great fun and very effective! Visit: dearfoams



Could we use any more photoshop???!!

The new Spring Summer advert is out for Dior, and while it looks ever so artistic, could they not hang back on the soft lens brush a little bit? No one's skin looks like that! and its so clearly photoshopped in a way that we are supposed to think its natural but infact its over done! It doesn't look realistic at all...

Calling all designers! Macys looking for a star!

How interesting, I was flipping through a news letter and this advert caught my eye,

Seems Macy's are looking to stock new designers - wonder why that is? Could it be that their inhouse brands are somewhat left to be desired? What's your take?

Regardless - everyone with a collection should most definitely give this a shot! good luck all! The exposure would be crazy! but just make sure you are their target market!


New Layout

Hey all!

So just decided on this new layout courtesy of Blogger Styles, I think it's less busy and gives a much better aesthetic, what do you think? :)

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